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OnSiteRpt. Ueno Sauna Hokuou | the setting for the drama “Sa Dou”! 1 minute from the station. A place where you can become a beginner to a pro sauner. Okachimachi Ueno Sauna & Capsule Hotel Hokuou


There’s a “Hokuou” just a minute’s walk from the Asakusa exit of Ueno Station!
In Ueno Okachimachi, capsule hotels and bathing facilities are very popular.I’ll introduce you “Hokuou”,where is the men’s only bathing facility.(I’ll be reviewing President and Kotobukiyu at some point.)

“Hokuou” is a dharma temple where you can transform from a beginner sauner to a professional sauner.
It’s said that many Finnish people’s holiday homes are built from a sauna.
Finland is a country I’ve always dreamed of visiting,but Finland is so far from Japan…
Don’t worry! There is “Hokuou” in Japan !

Speaking of Ueno, it’s called the northern entrance of Tokyo. The Ginza Line is also available for easy access.

All you need is a beer and a sauna to cure anything!

Sauna & Capsule Hotel Scandinavia

In your spare time, brush up on your body with a quick use! Easy access to Ueno!

Akihabara is a sacred place for otaku. I was looking for doujinshi and waited for my next appointment.
A maid cafe is too hard to enter for me because I’m otaku and a bad texter.
Let’s go out to Ueno and take a sauna. I’ll have to go to Hokuou or President for an adjustment my schedule on the west side of Tokyo.
(There is a RAKU SPA 1010 Kanda in Ochanomizu, but the management company changed from Edoyu. (It costs 1,460 yen to relax…)

Get out of the Asakusa Exit of Ueno Station, go to Wenday’s, cross the Fuji Soba and turn right…
The bright red building and the sign of the sauna/capsule Hokuou comes into view.
The power of the word “Hokuou” is astounding!
From the entrance to the 6th floor…there are price plans including capsules so you can make the most of them depending on the situation. Get off the elevator and you’ll find the front desk.
Capsules are a great oasis for businessmen who have lost the last train. More relaxing than a bad business hotel, don’t you ? (The second floor has a smoking area, so it’s pretty hard to get away from it.)
In contrast to the name “Hokuou”, there is an atmosphare of the Japanese ,Showa era.
It doesn’t feel dirty. After paying the advance, it’s time to go to the locker.The width is about the same as a day-use backpack. There is a set of clothes in it.
Be careful when you move!

Lockers are on the 6th floor, and bathrooms and changing rooms are on the 7th floor, so don’t forget to wear your indoor clothes on the 6th floor…
Put your valuables (especially your phone) in a locker and don’t take them to the changing rooms.
The indoor clothes are tacky… don’t mind because it is the men only! (It’s differentiated from capsule use!)
Note that the changing rooms are open style shelves only. It’s a hassle, but you’ll have to put your valuables in a locker which are locked.
Amenities include hairdressing, so you can polish up your man before your date!
By the way, the 5th floor is the rest area and the 4th to 2nd floors are for capsule use.

One minute walk from Ueno Station Asakusa Exit!

(1)Quick sauna: ¥1,000/3 hours: AM.10:00~PM.11:00 check-in
(2) Morning Time:¥1,600:in.5:00~10:00 out PM.2:00
(3) Plaza Time:¥2,100:in AM.10:00 out PM.11:00
(4)Night Time:¥3,200:in PM.11:00 out PM.10:00
I recommend Quick! ! 1,000 yen for 3 hours is a bargain.
(Compared to Shinbashi Astyl, Ikebukuro Resta and Shinjuku Therma Yu, the short plan is quite cheap! Here’s the author struggling with the President…)

You want to try interstellar flight? An open-air bath with a starry view

Alright, I’m entering the bathroom zone! There is a sense of oppression characteristic of urban building facilities.
The bathroom is on the seventh floor rooftop, so there are windows and a sense of freedom. One of the advantages of this house is that you can see the outside.
Looking around…the cleaning is well done, but the dirt that can’t be removed is noticeable here and there.
There are about 20 or so carans, and the amenities are complete with toothbrushes and razors. (It’s nice to have a spiral shaving foam from Kaijirushi, which is a nice touch).
The shower stall at the caran is not very high. It’s a pity that the height is a bit low in the configuration.

Well, let’s review the bath.
The jet bath which is the inner hot water is not big, but the position is good and you can relax. The temperature is not high, and the effect of the jet is also good.
The recommendation is a large open-air bath! Even the author who mainly uses saunas is impressed with this location.
There is a bath on the roof top with a vaulted ceiling. What a nice environment…
Although I wrote that there is a sense of oppression peculiar to facilities in urban buildings… it is worth using it just for the large open-air bath. .The temperature is lukewarm and the bathtub is not large and narrow. Spring quality is the hot water of Togolese in an artificial hot spring. It seems to be a hot water supplied through a mineral. Because the depth is also exquisite, there are a lot of people who put their heads on the edge and are sleeping. I can recommend it.

Caran & Jetted Bath (Official)

Reference: “Hot water of Togolu” is a weathered mineral produced from the vicinity of Tochiomata hot spring in Niigata Prefecture. (Togol Wormtite/Quasi-drug No. 45D283) .
The scientific ingredients contained in “Hot water of Togolu” lightly stimulate the skin and activate the metabolism of blood. It increases the flow, retains heat, moisturizes, cleanses, and relieves muscle stiffness. http://

The clientele is mostly professional sauna users, from the early 30s to the elderly, and they are quiet.The order is maintained. Perfect.
The crowds are quick use on weekdays, starting in the evening. Like the author, I found that many people use this place to take away their fatigue of the day or to take a break from their plans. On Saturdays and Sundays, it’s crowded with Plaza Youth from early afternoon.

A place where you can be a pro sauner? The option of an outdoor air bath is a formula for conditioning.

An open-air bath with a view of the stars (the 7th floor rooftop is in the best condition)

Hokuou’s sauna is super hot, and the water bath is super cold. I’d say it’s a very professional sauna facility (and you know it).
It’s quite a facility for professional sauners.
This is a place where you want to be organized in three parts.
The first part is the sauna, the second part is the water bath and the third part is the outdoor air bath. I didn’t expect…the sauna was a prelude? Some of you may think… but there’s a reason. (Expect more on that later.)
The sauna is a sauna stone type and there is no automatic Loyly, but it’s over 100 degrees hot.
It’s a sign of bravery if you take a position on the third level near the stone.

Hokuou’s saunas are the way to a professional sauner. If you go there at first time… don’t take a stance against the high temperatures! Too much patience on the first attack is a bad thing.

The first sweat in the sauna is to create a pathway for the skin to exfoliate the pores and get rid of waste products.
I’m going to sweat from the heat wave that’s going to come with the beating! It’s also important to note that the humidity is maintained and it’s not stuffy. The TV is the background music .
The problem was that many of the mats were wet, but there were also sauna mats placed on a trial basis. So I want it to continue.

The water bath is a deep water bath at 16 degrees. The chiller is in full swing! It’s freezing cold!
Recently, the crowds have been noticeable (I’ll talk about it later), but the Hokuou, who knows their way around a sauna,haveve been working on the chillers at full throttle.
(When it gets crowded, it’s difficult to keep the sauna hot and the water bath cool…)

If you’ve made it this far, you’re close to finishing.
In the water bath, cool your body slowly until the heat is released. The first attack may not be able to create a heat shield, so after the water bath is cooled off, you can log out of the water bath.
Why is Hokuou considered the holy land of order?
That’s because it’s in the outdoor air bath! I recommend that you alternate bathing with a sauna, water bath and rest. There are many good saunas and water baths…but they must be combined with a rest.
“Relaxing and resting” can be difficult to achieve in an oppressive urban building facility. The Hokuou have an open-air bath on the seventh floor rooftop where you can take an outdoor bath at the highest level! It’s an easy facility to master the sauna conduit! There’s a chair and a bed to choose from, so choose your favorite and fizzle out! If you do, the heartbeat settles and oxygen rushes through your body at once, along with blood flow. The author enters the zone for the third time and finishes it.

As a side note, I would recommend you to abandon your mysterious obsession in order to get in shape.
The background music, TV, clientele, and hustle and bustle vary from facility to facility.Better to leave the bar low.

google review
google review
Sauna, water and outdoor air bath,all of them are excellent facilities with a high level of organization. I’m happy to say that the prices are cheap, from 1,000 yen for a three-hour course.
However, the number of customers seems to have increased three times due to the influence of the drama, the sauna mats are chattering, and the water bath is not as clean as it used to be. It is a little muddy, and the resting chairs have to wait their turn, and the capacity of the facility has caught up with the boom. I don’t think so.

You’re fighting for a rest stop! My recommendation is curry.

When you’re ready… go to the 5th floor rest area… there are reclining seats and full flat seats. There is a smoking room closed by where the smell can be a problem. It’s not noisy and could pass for a break, but it feels like a lot of the time there are blankets, comics, etc. It’s not dirty, but it’s a bit run down. I would recommend a capsule plan when staying at this hotel. (A chorus of snores…)
As mentioned earlier, the tiers are divided into different levels, which makes moving around a hassle, but having separate purposes for each floor has the advantage of making it easier to spend time there.
As for the dining area, I recommend curry! It’s sauna food and yet…high quality. Drinks are reasonably priced/
(If you stay in a capsule, there’s a good chance you’ll get a free drink coupon for alcohol as well. Combine them together and you get the best value! (Summer 2019 information)

Rest and Curry

In addition: Speaking of Ueno. It’s a standing drink paradise. You’ll want to check out “Takioka” and “Daitouryou” which open at 7am. If I can afford it, I’d like to get a kale green drink at Ecute’s Vegeteria before heading to Hokuou!


It went from a localized boom to a large boom.

If you want to make your sauna debut, Hokuou. The World of Sauna, Sauna’s bible comic book “Sa Dou” has been dramatized and was broadcast on July 19, 2019. Episode 1 “Under the Ueno Sky” was set in Hokuou!

So…with the recent sauna boom and drama, the sauna use is becoming more and more crowded. I hope that this will be a stop to the public baths and thermal bathing facilities that will never stop closing.
Crowded facilities are a sign of popularity. I believe that reducing congestion and renovating the space will help them to survive.
Sauners started sending and exchanging information on SNS and the rise of portal sites around 2012. Here it is. I’d love to see you make your Sauner debut in Hokuou!

Sa Dou is… a manga that speaks passionately about conditioning in alternating sauna, water baths, and rest baths is quite a niche, and as a long-time, deep-rooted sauna lover, I was shocked by the 2011 read-through of the book.

-Quick plans are $1,000 for three hours (before tax increases in fall 2019).
-Good alternating bathing and sauna access
-There is an open-air bath and the bath use is also satisfactory.

All you need is a beer and a sauna to cure anything! Thank you very much for the Hokuou sauna and capsule hotel in Ueno!

Bath House Infomation

House Name
Sauna & Capsule Hotel Hokuou
Review Rate
Traffic Access
zip 110-0005
7-2-16, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours
open 24 hours
Weekday adult rates
1,100 館内着歯ブラシタオル
Holiday adult rates
1,100 館内着歯ブラシタオル
Rates Memo
Quick sauna: ¥1,000/3 hours from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM Check-in, Morning Time: ¥1,600 in AM.5:00~10:00 out PM. 2:00,Plaza Time:¥2,100 in AM.10:00 out PM.11:00,Night Time:¥3,200 in PM.11:00 out AM.10:00
Rates vary for capsules.
Late night surcharge ¥1,100 PM.11:00 – AM.10:00
from Bath House
1 minute walk from Ueno Station, Asakusa Exit
A bright red building with a bright red sign
We have the first Togolese bath in Ueno, fully equipped with an open-air bath, so be sure to check it out!

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OnSiteRpt. Ueno Sauna Hokuou | the setting for the drama “Sa Dou”! 1 minute from the station. A place where you can become a beginner to a pro sauner. Okachimachi Ueno Sauna & Capsule Hotel Hokuou

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