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OnSiteRpt. Times Spa Resta, Ikebukuro|The price is 2850 yen, and the amenities are good for women. Sauna to man. The quality of the Cospa and the overall is subtle. The full food menu is now available.


I heard a rumor that “Times”, an hourly parking lot, is running an onsen facility in Ikebukuro, so I went to “Times Spa Resta” this time. Recently, some of the baths are quite different for men and women, so we went there as a pair. Now, let’s get in the hot water.

It’s a short walk from Ikebukuro Station and right in front of Sunshine City, making it very accessible.

Spa Resta. What about the parking company’s spa?

Sunshine City is a commercial complex operated by Sunshine City Inc. It was created by redeveloping the former site of the Tokyo Detention Center. Sunshine 60 is the tallest skyscraper in Tokyo , and consists of several buildings, an underground mall and a specialty stores. It is Japan’s first urban complex that includes an aquarium, an indoor theme park (Nanja Town), a planetarium, a theater and other leisure facilities, a convention hall, and Sunshine City Fountain Plaza as an event venue, where many talents are invited.

Reference: Wikipedia

Let’s go inside now.

Good using of space in spite of small size

Resta entranceA view of the front desk, which is Balinese style.

First of all, the entrance. It is finished in Balinese style and has a profound feeling.
The reception area has a low ceiling and feels oppressive, but the building is calm and well-balanced.

Resta entranceA view of the front desk, which is Balinese style

A man’s bath and and a woman’s bath are divided by the floor, and a man’s bath is 11F and a woman’s bath is 12F.

The locker had an electronic key.
In addition to be able to open and close the locker with this electronic key, it was very convenient to make a settlement such as a vending machine, and to be able to pay collectively when leaving the building.

The rocker is tall and narrow.
The sense of passage was taken to be unexpectedly wide, so there was no sense of oppression or tightness.
I think it’s twice as wide as Yokohama’s “Spa EAS”.

Changing rooms (from the official website of SPA RESTA)

There was a carpet in the changing rooms.
It’s a relatively new facility, so the cleanliness is perfect.

Men’s bath is well-equipped

The men’s baths have a slightly darker lighting setting with a blue base.

It can’t be helped that the facility is located in a building in the center of the city, but the ceiling is still low and feels a bit oppressive.
However, the ventilation was very good, so there was no steamy, smoky feeling that is common in baths.
The ventilation is too much, and it’s so cold when it’s empty.

The layout of the men’s and women’s baths is different, and the white water only for men is lukewarm and easy to enter. The temperature seems to change according to the season: 41°C in May to October and 42°C in November to April.

There were two types of jet baths, but the one with a sleeping bath was quite noisy.
We came here to be healed, but we were fed up with the noise of the jet.

There is a space like an open-air bath, and the steel frame is exposed, but the sky can barely be seen through the gap in the steel frame.
There is a 65-inch TV in the open-air bath, and if this was not attached, it would still be forgivable, but if it was attached, there is a place that is unforgivable.
I don’t think we really need a TV in the open-air bath.

Open-air bath (from the official website of SPA RESTA)

There was a Kamaburo in the space that was left over, but this would be an extra.

It’s not a flyer for an event, but a commercial about hot springs and products with benefits such as sleep, and there’s also an explanation of the benefits of hot springs for sleep.

The Finnish sauna is large and has an autoLOYLY, when it starts it’s very hot!
It can be hard for beginners.

Finnish sauna (from Spa resta’s official website)

The water bath was quite cold (16.4 degrees Celsius) and there was crushed ice in front of the water bath.
As a beginner, I didn’t feel like putting ice on my body, but I was amazed to see that the professional sauners were putting it on with gusto.
I wonder if there are people who put this in a water bath. Then it might get to zero degrees. I’ve heard that people go into an icy pond in Finland, so I thought it was amazing.

The washing space is separated from the next space by a partition, and the room is spacious and easy to wash.
There was also oke shower, the same one we saw in “Edo-yu”.

oke shower (from Spa resta’s official website)

Water was provided for drinking after a bath, but this tasted normal.
However, it’s nice to be served in a glass.

The woman’s hot water is clean,but the equipment is not good.

In an woman’s hot water,there are two kinds of jet baths and two kinds of open-air baths.

There was only one place in the open-air bath to take a bath calmly.
Depending on how crowded it is, there may be no space.

Open-air bath (from the official website of SPA RESTA)

The jet of the open-air bath also made a noise and was quite noisy.
I wonder if they are using the same jets as the men’s baths for sleeping bath.
It was too bad that it was empty and quiet and had a nice atmosphere.

Maybe it’s because there is empty, but it’s almost exclusively for one person, and if one person is in there, it’s hard for the others to get in, and I felt an unspoken understanding that they would get in when it was empty.

So, the only place you can relax is the open-air bath with TV.

However, the cooler air outside is pleasant.
It’s nice to have a beautiful garden, but I want another bath in this space!

The women’s sauna was a salt sauna with a TV.
It’s nice to be able to use the mat every time, but the overall quality of the sauna is not good.
The shower is in the sauna and you have to flush it when you leave, but it’s a little awkward because it’s annoying to the people around you…

Salt sauna (from the official website of Spa Resta)

In for the washing space, there is a toothbrush in the corner. It is very convenient.
In addition, the drainage ditch is always flowing with water, making it clean.
However, if you drop something, be careful, because it will be swept away at once!

I was a little envious because the male guests seemed to be good about the spa.

The powder room is very good.
Cleansing, lotion, milky lotion, body lotion, hair essence, hand soap, hair elastic, oil-absorbent paper, toothbrush, razor, shower cap, hairbrush, and everything else you need.

Powder Room (from Sparesta’s official website)

The lotion is the one of sekkisei, and the dryer is prepared not only the one of Dyson , but also Panasonic’s nano-aider and Kreuz, and I had an impression that they put a lot of effort into the arrangement considerably.

Dyson hair dryer (from Spa resta’s official website)

In addition, hair irons, curling dryers, and steamers are available, but they cannot be used in the 100-minute course.

The resting place has plenty of seats!

There are four types of lounges, one for both men and women, one for women only, one for premium lounges with separate payment, and one for body care users.

Unisex Lounge (from Sparesta’s official website)

All seats in the lounge have video on demand, so you can watch a movie.

Also the aroma is burned and smells very good.

There is a restaurant on the lower floor, which is swanky.
Both tatami and table seating is provided, and the restaurant is clean.
The menu also has many health-conscious items such as collagen hot pot, which I was concerned about, but I couldn’t eat it, because of the 100-minute course, so I’ll leave it for next time.

I went to the restaurant to change the day.

A view of the restaurant

It may depend on the time of day you enter, but it wasn’t so crowded and we were able to spend a good time there.
Both tables and counters are available, and they are relatively clean.

main dish

The menu offers a wide range of Japanese, Western and Chinese food. It’s a bit pricey, but they do serve some slightly unusual dishes like goya stir-fry and Okinawan noodles.

a la carte

There’s also a pretty good selection of one-course meals.
From pizza, ahijo and carpaccio , beef tongue and deep-fried tofu, you can order your favorite dish according to your mood at the time.

dessert and drink

The desserts and drinks looked like this. The desserts aren’t varied, but they have pancakes and ice cream.
For drinks, there is a wide selection of organic herbal teas and other drinks available.
Overall, it seems to be health-conscious and a bit expensive, but it’s more about the ingredients.
I ordered the pork loin with ginger sauce this time.

pork loin with ginger sauce

It was a little strong taste , but it is good to eat after a bath.
There were also several other small bowls, all of which were delicious.

Also, at the lobby near the front desk, you could drink herbal water, fruit-flavored water, chamomile tea, etc. for free, which was a high point.

You can drink flavoured water or chamomile tea at your leisure.


Now, let me summarize.

It was comfortable this time because it was empty, but it was so small that there was nowhere to enter if it was crowded.

It’s close to the Ikebukuro station, so I guess you could say it’s unavoidable. You may have to be patient about the narrowness of the room because it has good access.

I felt that the 100 minute speed course was very busy, so if you want to be relaxed, it is better to take the normal course.

This is a little strange, but in the price range of 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen, the staffs are different from the cheap spa facilities.
I don’t know if this is an education or a difference in salary, but I was impressed with the service that was worth the high price.

As for the bathroom, the man’s bath puts emphasis on the facilities, and the woman’s bath puts emphasis on the atmosphere of the open-air bath.
By the way, the view of the night sky from the gap in the steel frame was rude and unrefined.
I recently started taking a sauna and was very disappointed that there was a TV too.

The funniest part was the fact that they said it was a Finnish sauna. I wonder if the real Finnish sauna also has a TV.

It was such a hot water with a strong image for men as a whole.

Bath House Infomation

House Name
Review Rate
Traffic Access
zip 170-0013
Toukyou-to Toshima-ku Higashiikebukuro 4-25-9

Business Hours
Weekday adult rates
2,850円 館内着歯ブラシタオル
Holiday adult rates
3,250円 館内着歯ブラシタオル
Rates Memo
from Bath House
Higashiikebukuro,in front of SunshineCity. The spa facility for adults.

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OnSiteRpt. Times Spa Resta, Ikebukuro|The price is 2850 yen, and the amenities are good for women. Sauna to man. The quality of the Cospa and the overall is subtle. The full food menu is now available.

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