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OnSiteRpt. Hotel Mikazuki Spa Ryugujo|Truly a hot spring theme park! Spacious hot spring baths refresh you.


I heard there was a hot spring theme park on the other side of the sea, so I went there. The only way to get there is by car, but if you go by car, you have to go to Tokyo Aqualine and back, so you have to spend a lot of money in the end. Here’s a local report of the place, if it’s still worth going.

I don’t know what that means, but we are greeted by a lion at the door.

Isn’t the Onsen theme park well known?

The Hotel Mikaduki is located in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture, facing Tokyo Bay, and consists of two hotels.The hotel is a resort hotel with all ocean view rooms and Japanese and Western-style rooms. It seems that the Kisarazu Outlet is close by, so many people come from there, whether they stay overnight or go back for the day.

You can also see from the website that the ocean view is a selling point of the spa. It’s a hot spring theme park, complete with a variety of concept baths (a famous one would be the Golden Bath of Good Luck) and even a swimming pool!

They gave a great name to a spa facility, I was impressed in a way.

The access is pretty bad

But, well, it’s a hard place to get to. It’s really built on an empty beach, but the road to it goes right and left again, and it’s thin and thick.

I thought I had finally arrived through the gate, which is also the hotel’s landmark, but almost all of the parking lots are large for the site.

Still, it was crowded. If you drive 8km from Kisarazu Station and 4km from Kisarazu Kaneda IC, the best way to get around is by car, and it’s always crowded because it’s free for up to 5 hours.

On the left is the entrance of the hotel and on the right is the spa. The central entrance is closed off and somehow a little scary. From the left, Fujimi-tei, Ryugu-tei, and the spa building which was the purpose of this time. Fujimi-tei is the new building and Ryugu-tei seems to be the old building, and Fujimi-tei has a higher reputation. If you want to stay here, I recommend Fujimi-tei.

Entrance to Fujimi-tei (from the website of Spa Ryugujo)

However, this time we are going to use the spa building, so we are going to the lobby.

Internal facilities with chaotic impressions

Each building has its own lobby and this time we will enter from the lobby of the spa building. The spacious lobby looks like a hotel. Apparently, this lobby will be renovated this summer. It is said to be twice as big as the current size.

As you might expect, it’s a lot bigger.

In addition, there are new monuments, a petting corner with ponies and piglets (the first one in Kanto), an illumination garden, etc. Although the park claims to be a theme park, it is a little too much.

Lobby (from the website of Spa Ryugujo)
The accompanying children’s facility, “Omatsuri Land”, also seems to be accessible from this lobby. As some of you may have guessed from the words, this place is completely aimed at the family. There are many facilities for children to enjoy, such as swimming pools and game centers.

In addition to Japanese and Chinese restaurants, there is also a buffet of Japanese, Western and Chinese food. This buffet also seems to be a good choice for families. In addition, it is also used as a lunch for group tourists as another target, and it seems to be quite crowded on holidays.

Restaurant (from the website of Spa Ryugujo)

That’s why so many people felt sick because of the crowd when it’s summer vacation. They even have a laser show and a fountain show, so it’s no wonder. It’s like a place with many tourist facilities in one place, or a hot spring town.

You can use this spa for 1,500 yen on weekdays and 2,000 yen on weekends (excluding tax). after 6:00 p.m. you can get in at a lower price, and there is a senior fee and a child’s fee, and the price is increased in the special period of summer.For more information, please see the list of fees on our website.

Pay attention to the volume of the background music in the changing room!

After completing the reception, we are finally on our way to the bathroom. A men’s bath is 1F, and a women’s bath is 3F. Seemingly the locker of 2F is also used when it becomes a crowded time, but this time it was 1F.

This time of year, it was easy to change clothes because we can use a lot of space.However,The lockers were numbered, so I looked for it, but I had a bad feeling because the stereo is right up there. It’s a big place, so the volume is too loud and I can’t stand it. I quickly climbed up and reduced the volume. I’m sorry.

Towels are placed on the counter at the bathroom, and it seems that you can take them freely. You can come empty-handed, and you can even borrow your own clothes.

It’s more of a pool than a bath!?

When I stepped into the bath, I was first surprised. It’s spacious. I’ve never seen such a large bath before. It’s probably the biggest I’ve ever seen.

There are still many children. Actually, I don’t like baths with kids. I don’t want to go into the bath with a child because I have a child who does…in the bath. However, since the concept of this facility is to target families with children, there seem to be quite a lot of children at any given time of year.

But still, it’s great. Healing, though there is a different nuance to that. The women’s bath is less scenic, but the men’s bath has a flowing “bath”. I’ve heard of flowing pools, but there’s a waterway about 2m wide, like a track about 100m in length, with a jet bath, a large waterfall, and a bridge… it’s amazing.

Men’s bath(from the website of Spa Ryugujo)

I was soaking in with a cool look on my face as I went around, but this was fun.

At the back of the room, there is a large bathtub and a cypress bath with a Japanese style construction. The temperature is a little high, but it’s big and spacious anyway.

Open-air bath (from the website of Spa Ryugujo)

In the garden beyond, there is a large open-air bath. There are many kinds of open-air baths, including a half-open-air yuzu bath with a big roof, a herb bath, and a large open-air rock bath. These are awesome.

I wonder how much water is being used. There was no atmosphere, but it was a bath you can’t enjoy in the city center.

There are many resting places in Ryugujo!

There are three types of resting places. This place is also quite spacious, so there were times when children were noisy, but it didn’t bother me too much.

Sleeping place (from the website of Spa Ryugujo)

In addition to a resting place, there are also relaxation facilities and a conference hall. In addition, I was surprised to hear that even the mahjong parlor is available for rent.

Mahjong Room (from the website of Spa Ryugujo)

In addition to the soba/udon and okonomiyaki restaurants, there were also coffee shops and crepe shops where you could enjoy pasta and light meals. Keep in mind that crepes are only open on Saturdays and Sundays.


It doesn’t have much to do with healing, but I got the impression that it was a “fun” bath. It’s also fun to see the bubble economy.

If you want to go and play with a lot of people, I would recommend it. A true theme park. This is a place where you can play for a whole day, especially if you are a family with children, because there are a lot of spots to enjoy, including a pool.

There is no such a thing as healing or relaxing. However, this is also a form of “Yumeguri”, isn’t it?

Omatsuri Land (from Spa Ryugujo website)


Bath House Infomation

House Name
Ryugujo spa Mikaduki
Review Rate
Traffic Access
zip 292-0006
1 Kitahama, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture (Kaneda Kaigan)

Business Hours
Weekday adult rates
1,500円 館内着タオル
Holiday adult rates
2,000円 館内着タオル
Rates Memo
After 18:00, there is a discount.
from Bath House
A spa resort 35 minutes from the city center
A big hot spring with a nice view

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OnSiteRpt. Hotel Mikazuki Spa Ryugujo|Truly a hot spring theme park! Spacious hot spring baths refresh you.

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