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OnSiteRpt. Saitama Ageo Hanasaki no Yu | Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the thing! 880 yen. Cospa is the best. It’s a super high spec facility! It’s been a while since I drew a jackpot…!

花咲の湯 入口の看板

located in Ageo, Saitama, a petit battleground for hot bathing facilities!

What was sleeping inside the exterior of what looked like a love hotel was a super high spec natural hot spring!

I had no idea that such a good hot water was sleeping in Saitama…
I can’t wait to get to know you…

It’s been a huge hit in a while!
Isn’t it possible to compete with Saya no Yu?

This is an unexpected on-site report!

Speaking of being close to the station, it’s close, but…

“Hanasakino-yu” located in Hara City, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture

As for access, it’s only a 5-minute walk from New Shuttle Haraichi station

Well, have you all heard of the new shuttle?

To put it simply,
the train you take to go to the railway museum
is a good way to get the message across, isn’t it?

We took the train to Haraichi, a station 15 minutes from Omiya.

This is going to be a little difficult for people who aren’t familiar with it, isn’t it?

I’m sure there are people in Saitama who haven’t used it.
The New Shuttle.

So access is supposed to be good…
It’s going to have a bit of a walled feel to it.

There’s a pretty big road nearby, and there’s also a decent parking lot.
It’s pretty good with cars.

Well, it’s a car society, so I guess that’s your main focus?

The new shuttle was built in conjunction with the construction of the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen lines.
It runs on rubber tires, utilizing the overhanging part of the elevated track of the Shinkansen.

It is operated by a third sector company called
Saitama New Urban Transportation Co
It’s a bit of a strange relationship.

It’s a bit strange how it runs and how it’s run.


And when we arrived at it, this is the one that caught our eye.

花咲の湯 外観That, combined with the darkness, is really weird…

That’s a little fishy, isn’t it???????

That’s great… that’s a fishy…(For the second time in a row)

It’s even more suspicious because there’s not much around.

It’s floating in the middle of a field full of fields.

I don’t know, that’s a bit…
This weird looking thing is going to freak you out.

As a rule of thumb,
hot bathing facilities come with the outside and the inside.

My legs are getting a little heavy, aren’t they……?


花咲の湯 看板The village… well… it’s a village…

Well… what is this… village?

I guess it’s named after a place that has curbs, a barbershop and a hospital, but…

Just… come on…

There’s more to come and go.

花咲の湯 ブランコWhy can’t it work?

Unusable mystery swing.

花咲の湯 電飾It’s so cheap…

Blue skies and cheesy electronics.

Ornaments, plants, and so on, they have a strong habit.

It smells like a landmine already…


I… I get it. It’s this one.
The reality of this discomfort is Bali〇n.
(If you don’t know, don’t ever ask your dad or mom! ←)

Wow… the atmosphere is completely like a love hotel…

Yeah, and…
It’s the only convenience store right in front of us.
So there you have it.


It’s just…
I’ve come to a terrible place…


But this is work.
Moreover, I’m a hot spring reporter.

I can’t summon a storm even if I write it, but let’s do our best!←
(Check out “The Man Who Storms.”)

It’s nice and clean inside, but…
I guess I’m a bit of a conceptual quirk…

花咲の湯 入口We’re greeted by a strong-looking ornament! Yeah!

The entrance is completely the same as that.

Who is he, like this Caesar… and the plants have a habit of…

I thought that I had already entered the wrong place…. but I went in fearfully…


花咲の湯 下駄箱The inside is neat and clean. It’s pretty good.

But the inside is surprisingly normal.
It’s like a clean hot bath facility.

It just smells like incense!
I love Asian incense, so that’s fine!

The number of shoe boxes is quite large. That’s nice.

And they don’t use coins.
Personally, I’m curious about this.

Go through the automatic door and proceed to the reception desk.

There was a line of people leaving the facility just in time for the wave of the exit process.

The clientele is quite young.
There are a lot of young families and such.

Well, it’s true that this atmosphere isn’t suitable for the elderly…

Such people probably go in the direction of Gokurakuyu Ageo.
It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes from here if you drive.

That’s strong in terms of differentiation.

Now, reception.

The fee is 930 yen.
Towels and housecoats are not included in the price.

By the way, the bedrock bath is 660 yen separately.

Well…considering that it’s a facility of this size in Saitama, I think it’s reasonable.

(I was thinking at the time, but later on… you’ll see…)

I was given a wristband and given a briefing on the facility as it was my first time there.

The receptionist at this time, but…
The customer service was a bit subtle.

It’s spoken in a whispered, low tone.
It’s a little noisy around here because they’re just leaving.

I didn’t know what they said about 80% of the time.

It’s the face of the institution, so…
I want him to do as well as he can…

Well, it’s a busy Saturday…

Let’s work hard in the hospitality industry across the country←

花咲の湯 館内Clean interior. There’s a little bit of Asian elements…

The inside of the building is quite Asian,
but it’s not as bad as the outside, and it’s a bit more comfortable.

I don’t hate it when it’s like this.

花咲の湯 館内図I like the way the hot springs are set up on the second floor.

The first floor is a bedrock bath, a resting place, and a restaurant.
The second floor is the bath.

In any case, the first thing to do is take a bath and go upstairs.

Every single staircase is very Asian.

The atmosphere of the stairs and the space in front of the bath… it’s very Asian.
No more surprises…

However, there’s a sofa, an elevator,
and the facilities are very solid and nice.


One more thing that I personally had a high opinion of was the pleasant greeting of the staff inside the facility.

They are cheerful and smiling, which makes me feel good.

This is just plain amazing.

I’ve never seen such a good bathing facility before.
What’s it like in Ohuro no kuni?

Anyway, it was really good.

What’s more, if you do something like this…
We’re looking around!
We’re also cleaning up!

It’s also a good way to appeal to people.


In fact, it’s a really beautiful facility,
but I think that impressions are just as important as looks.

So I thought it’s pretty cool that they’re getting good points even in everyone’s mental image.
I feel like I’m in elementary school now.

It’s misleading in terms of the facility being a mysterious Asian object,
but it’s really a good bathing facility in terms of content!

What the hell is this place… it’s so high quality…

Spacious and varied indoor baths!

Let’s go through the goodwill.

The lockers in the changing rooms also do not require coins.
It’s the accumulation of these things that make a good impression…

We leave our bags and go in.

Spacious indoor bath. The interior also has an Asian feel to it.

Oh… it’s a big place.

About half of the large bath is a washroom.
The rest is a bathtub.

However, the bathtub is not narrow, it is quite wide,
and there is no feeling of crampedness.

This is… nice…


There’s a washroom with a partition in the back, so you can be alone and calm.
The space is large and they have individual shampoos and such.

It’s a pretty high score for this indoor bath…

This is… nice…


The only thing I’d like to insist on is that the temperature control of the curtains and showers was buggy,
perhaps because they were after dealing with a fairly large number of customers…

Hot! Cold! Hot! Cold!

I’ve done this a few times…..


there were only same-sex staff on patrol.
High rating.

They also come to clean and inspect the place quite often, which is very good.

It’s hard to do this.

I know it’s hard because there aren’t many people,
and people think why is it dirty when they’re doing it.

But this place is properly clean and likeable.

It’s a really good…



And now, the bath.

The indoor baths have all the royalties,
including a substitute bath, an electric bath, and a jet bath.


What I would like to highlight is the “Biwa no Yu” (hot spring).

The floor is covered with Shigaraki-yaki porcelain panels, which create foam from the entire floor.

This was too new and interesting, and it felt good.

It doesn’t make the hot water carbonic acid like a carbonated spring,
it’s more like “making the hot water bubbly”.

To put it plainly… it’s like a state-of-the-art vibra bus.

It was nice to be cleaned up…

By the way, they also produce negative ions.
Oh, man.


And a sauna.

We’ve seen an increase in autorowryu lately! It’s refreshing!

It was a sauna with an auto-lowryu function,
but I had the impression that the temperature was a little low because of it.

It’s good for those who don’t like hot dry saunas.

And maybe this kind of thing suits the facility conceptually.

If that’s what it mean, it’s being thorough…

So this is where the healing was!!

Because I was satisfied with the indoor hot water, I finally went to the open-air.

The indoor hot water was good, so I was excited to open the door with higher expectations!

The open-air bath is quite open. The baths are arranged in a circle.

………How wide!!!!

This is wide!
It’s amazing!

The open-air bath was developed into a circle.
In the center is an ornamental plant-like object and a bench for resting.

The overall decoration is still asianic,
but the overwhelming sense of liberation is so great that it doesn’t matter.

And the source of spring overflow, heated natural hot spring, pot bath, lie down bath, highly concentrated carbon dioxide spring
arranged so as to surround the surroundings.

Except for the carbonic acid spring, all of them are hot springs.

What, this small space is full of natural hot springs?
Isn’t it crazy?

Well… but, you know…
There are some natural hot springs that are quite thin, so…

Let’s put that aside.
First of all, it’s a normal natural hot spring…

You can tell from the photo how thick it is… you can’t see the bottom at all…

Isn’t it thicker???

Is it this thick???


The quality of the spring is sodium chloride, which is common in the Kanto area, but it is much thicker than the ones often found in the facilities in Tokyo.

It’s a solid coffee-like color,
at a level where you can’t see anything when you sink about 20 centimeters into it.

It has a unique metallic smell and a sticky feeling.

It’s also salty enough to feel like seawater.

It may be the richness of the ingredients of the natural hot spring, which is comparable to the Yurand Tsurumi.


It’s so close to…
It looks like this, but…
I didn’t know there was such a good hot spring…←


The hot spring bath is very effective,
it warms up your body quickly and makes your skin feel smooth.


What’s more, the variety is strong point.

The hot-spring water flowing from the source gently feels effective to the whole body.

The heated hot springs get warmer more quickly.

You can relax by yourself in the pot bath.

Because lie down bath is the one with a proper depth, you can enter without getting cold.

What the hell is this place?

Are you the best????


And don’t forget the highly concentrated carbonic acid spring.

It’s also pretty dense. It’s gonna get warm…

This was also very good.

Firmly high concentration.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a carbonation that sticks to my skin like this.

It’s warm just by coming in.

The feeling that the circulation of blood peculiar to a carbonated spring is getting better is also very strong.

My sweat is dripping.

It’s like they’re letting out waste products.

There must have been a lot of people in there today,
but they still keep the carbonation…



Oh, and one other thing I’m pretty high on is that the sky is wide open.

Maybe this is why I feel so liberated so far.

The sky is so liberating that it’s hard to imagine it being possible
because there are only rice fields and low buildings nearby.

The only thing that is negative is the power lines running,
but it makes up for it with a sense of freedom.


While the hot springs heal your body, this sense of release also heals your mind.

They can… they can do it…


The only regrettable point is that there is a TV in the carbonated spring with a relatively high volume.

I didn’t want this place to be shown on TV,
because it was completed as a healing resort so far…

Except for that,
it’s a really nice hot spring!

Hospitality other than bathing makes a big difference in satisfaction.

“It was a really nice hot spring…”
And then, with a sigh, I go up.

There is not much of a hair dryer.

However, it’s not a small one, which is often found in hot spring facilities, but one with good wind pressure.

I like this.

With this dryer, it may be possible to turn a little more quickly to dry.


Coffee milk!

First of all, it’s nice to have a low price of 120 yen,
and then there’s the barcode payment vending machine!

This is so important!

This facility seems to be using barcodes to the fullest.

If I’m going to wear a wristband at the entrance, I want this much…

Small change is a lot of work, and this is very convenient.

Oh, and by the way, it’s not Yukizirushi, but Morinaga.
I personally like this one because it has a condensed milk taste and is sweeter.

This kind of hospitality will definitely change the level of satisfaction…


Then we drank all the coffee milk and scouted out the resting places and eating places…


First is the restaurant.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of food and beverages.

As I thought, there are many Asian-themed menus to match the concept of the facility, but there are a variety of Japanese and Korean dishes.

Is this… maybe a voice from a customer?
Well, I don’t think Asian food is good for after a bath…

But overall, it looks delicious.

But this time I gave up because I wasn’t very hungry and the time was too late.


I just want to eat something.


So I ordered a
“chocolate and strawberry mini parfait”
at the dessert corner.
The price is 390 yen.

Ice cream after a bath! Choco! Strawberries! Great!

It’s so delicious.

The chocolate is firm and doesn’t taste cheesy or overly sweet.

The strawberry sauce also has a lot of pulp.

Isn’t 390 yen too cheap for this????

This… and the other one I’m starting to wonder about…?

This time, I’ll make sure…



Next, the resting place.

It’s spacious in terms of the size of the facility. Also, it’s nice to be able to lie down slowly.

The size of this space and the facilities…very good…

The first thing you see is a large amount of cartoons and board games.
There’s no limit to how much you can play with this…?

What’s more, it’s tatami mats, and there’s a famous yogibo!

It’s just… it’s ruining people…

Yogibo is a beaded sofa that originated in the United States.

Yogibo is made of the same material, while the conventional one is made of two materials, a soft side and a hard side.

It is said that this feature makes
the beaded sofa bigger than before and can be set up.

I feel like more facilities have Yogibo recently…

Well, it’s certainly pretty good quality and it’s relaxing.
It’s like the upward compatibility of the “sofa that ruins people” that was talked about for a while.

I’m seriously considering buying one at home…



Moreover, the room looks rather cramped,
but a room with a reclining seat is waiting for you in the back.

There are so many reclining seats and the quality is good.

There’s a lot of space in here… and there’s a lot of recliners…

Also, personally, it’s nice that there’s not the gloom and doom that tends to appear in places like this.

We’re all lined up side by side, so there’s no need to worry about the person in front of us…

And there’s definitely a women’s area.

It’s so good…

After all, the level of satisfaction varies greatly depending on the quality of these incidental facilities, don’t you think?

This place… is so much better…

Maybe it’s not such a big facility, but it’s a good use of it.

With that, I feel like I’m blowing up the satisfaction factor.

This kind of facility is nice…

Reputation~Even if you skim the coarse, the positive doesn’t disappear.~

Personally, I feel that I drew a jackpot for the first time in a long time at “Hanasaki no Yu”.
It’s just my personal opinion…

How did it look to the others!
We’ve done some review!

The atmosphere is very good because of the Asian interior and aroma, and the open air is planted with plants of tropical origin.
It’s nice to have a natural hot spring containing iron, a carbonated bath and a sauna, but I personally don’t need the TV in the open-air bath!
There are some disadvantages, such as the distraction of the TV’s sound while the background music is playing, and people watching the TV can’t get out of the carbonated bath.
I felt that was the only drawback.
They also serve Asian cuisine and are a pioneer in the area’s super public baths.
The price is set a little higher than the surroundings, but I think it’s satisfactory.

→I don’t need a TV…because it doesn’t go well with the background music. Really. It’s a shame that everything else is so good.

The hot spring is amber in color and contains salt, but there is not much of a well smell, and the hot spring bath is warm and lukewarm. A television was attached to the carbonic acid bath of the open-air, but I also had a feeling that it was a little narrow. The facilities are modern and well-cleaned, including a rock bath, a relaxation room, and a place to read manga while lying down. Wood is used in the hallways and stairs of the facility, and the warmth of the grain of the wood gives a sense of class and elegance. The price of the restaurant is a bit high and not many people use it, but the menu was quite tasty.

→Overall, the facility is highly rated!!! This time I didn’t use it, but the rock bath is also popular…


Good points The customer service is very good (everyone is excellent without exception). A wide variety of baths are available. The reclining room is large enough. Free drinks at the bedrock bath. There are a lot of cartoons (even if it’s only for bathing, there’s a fair amount).

Bad Points The temperature of the shower is not stable and the water is cold quite often (possibly fatal, but other points are excellent). The price of the rice restaurant is high, the taste is normal, and there is not much variety.

→Oh, you usually get cold water…let’s be careful. Also, there were quite a few opinions about the restaurant! The price and menu… maybe Asian food doesn’t fit in the hot spring facilities…

While the overall rating is high, there seems to be a little bit of roughness…
Well, it’s not so much the other way around that the majority of it was rated as too good to subtract!

summing up~Hot springs that have been buried by the strength of their habits~

“Hanasaki no Yu”

The best thing about this place is that
it has a minimum of all the facilities you want.

This seems easy, but it’s hard to do.

For example,
lockers that do not return coins
and vending machines that use barcodes
to eliminate the hassle of changing.

Just having these two together is a really rare case.


What’s more, there’s a large rest area and a pleasant employee greeting.

The feeling that you’re getting what you really want.

Usually, one of them is missing and I end up with a negative,
but this time, there’s no need or reason for that.


In addition,
the quality of the natural hot spring is well matched to the solidity of the facilities.


There are many facilities that use hot springs as a selling point, but in reality, they are not very good…

But here, it hits the mark that convinces me there’s only so much to recommend it.

This is also a real requirement, but many facilities are not able to meet it.


The obvious is the obvious.

It is a facility that understands the comfort and importance of this.


The only thing I can’t help but be concerned about is
the way the concept is so quirky and pushed through that the good points are buried and not visible from the outside.


It’s certainly understandable that they want to market themselves as a “healing resort”.

However, because there are so many other good points,
I felt that it would be better to tone down the concept sales a little more so that the good points can be seen.


As a matter of fact, there is a hotel near here called
“Musashino Grand Hotel & Spa”
which is run by the same management company.

If you stay here, you can use Hanasakino-yu for free, and the towel is also said to be a free loaner.

Well… this is kind of…
this hotel is kind of the main target…

The price range is about the same as a normal business hotel.


The business hotel price is strong enough to take a real natural hot spring…

They’re good at management and marketing…

Postscript: Corona measures (updated 4/15)

Corona is now raging around the world.
In Japan, the situation is changing every day.


Under such circumstances,
it was announced that Hanasakino-yu will be temporarily closed from April 15th for the time being due to the “State of Emergency” declared recently.

As for the reopening time, it will be updated on the website at any time.


The coronavirus has caused extensive damage not only to hot bathing facilities but also to theme parks in various areas.

I can only pray that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible and that we will be able to tour the hot springs again with peace of mind.

Bath House Infomation

House Name
Review Rate
Traffic Access
zip 362-0021
570 Haraichi, Ageo-shi, Saitama-ken

Business Hours
Open all year round
Weekday adult rates
Holiday adult rates
Rates Memo
Ganban baths are not included in the price.
from Bath House
Beautiful flowers bloom through the kindness of people
Hanasaki Village was named Hanasaki Village in the hope that this flower will spread to many people’s hearts someday.
The blessings of nature that came out of this village in February 2008 were used to create the “Natural Hot Spring Hanasaki no Yu”.

花咲の湯 入口の看板1回目 2020/03/24
OnSiteRpt. Saitama Ageo Hanasaki no Yu | Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the thing! 880 yen. Cospa is the best. It’s a super high spec facility! It’s been a while since I drew a jackpot…!

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