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OnSiteRpt. Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu | The food is delicious. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. Newly renovated, clean bathrooms, good impression.


Edoyu is rumored to be “expensive” from its previous reputation.
Perhaps because of its high price, I heard some not-so-good reputations and kept away from it, but the location was perfect and close.
So,I decided to go there today.

In fact, I was indebted to Edoyu from the time of “Kanda Edoyu” that has changed into Kanda Raku Spa now.
To be frank, Kanda Edoyu was simple and simple, and it was literally just to get into hot water.
This is also the reason why I haven’t been to Kanda Raku Spa, which has been renovated and has a good reputation.
Because renewal is difficult, even if I hear that a resting place is great, I think that the important bath doesn’t change.

Let’s go back to Edoyu.

The place is located near Ryogoku station. The location is very close to Ryogoku Kokugikan and Edo Tokyo Museum.
The location is quite accessible and easy to get to.

The name “Ryogoku” comes from the fact that the second bridge was built over the Sumida River in 1659 (Manji 2). The Edo Shogunate did not approve the bridge over the Sumida River for defense reasons,but the great fire of the Meireki era resulted in the death of 100,000 people. Following the Senju Bridge, the next bridge was built after the Senju Bridge, after a citizen of Edo burned to death after being told that he had no place to run. The Sumida River was positioned as the boundary between Musashi and Shimousa, and it was called Ryogoku Bridge because it was a bridge over the two countries. The area around the Ryogoku Bridge area was called Ryogoku, and it became widely known as Ryogoku. It is also famous for the residence of Kira Kouzukenosuke, famous for the Ako Incident.


However, there is no parking lot. You can use a 1,000 yen service ticket if you enter the affiliated parking lot, but this is in Tokyo.
It is not enough, you will have to pay some parking fee after all.

It’s very expensive, including these places.

The facility is clean and uncluttered.But I think we don’t need two keys.

Anyway, the first feature that can be mentioned is that “it’s new and clean.”
It’s such a stylish from the entrance that you may doubt whether it’s a bath house.

The appearance of the entrance. Stylish.

When you put your shoes in the shoe box, the key is used as an electronic key for payment in the building.

There are two women at the reception desk ….but this will not be enough people.
We had to wait about 5 minutes to get through the reception process.
The response was good, but being made to wait here is not a good idea.

I was impressed with the rocker key, which is quite progressive when I heard about the electronic key. I was disappointed to hear that it would be separate.
If you wanted to do anyway, the locker could have been made electronic and opened with an electronic key to open and close the locker, and you’d only need one key.
I don’t want to have to wear two keys on both hands.

At the reception desk, you are handed a handful of luggage. This is the first time I’ve ever had such a large piece of luggage.
A set of indoor clothes, towels, hand towels, bedrock bathing clothes, and bedrock bathing towels are included in the package.
Even if you go for a meal, you should first put your luggage in a locker to lighten up.

The reception area. You will be given a lot of luggage.

The indoor clothes are made to be large, so if you usually wear a L, a M is sufficient.

Anyway, the staff was excellent here as well.
Of course, I guess it depends on the person, but they are very energetic and move briskly.
When I told the staff that the indoor clothes were too big, she said she would bring you new ones and she dashed off to get them . It’s little things like this that make you feel good about using the facility.

Playful eating places

It’s a bad idea, but we decided to eat first.

I feel the meal is better if the bath is first, but I’m not going to be able to make my rock bath reservation in time. It was unavoidable.
The fact that this area has a reservation system is not very flexible.

Overall, the price is a little high, but the soba noodles were delicious.
The fried chicken and tofu were delicious, but the katsu-ni (cutlet stew) was not good. I can’t taste the meat.
The shichimi was very good. I think it is “Yagenbashi Shichimi”.

Katsuni (above) and soba noodles (below)

By the way, there are two restaurants here, “Hokusai” and “Oui”. I can’t help but grin.
Katsushika Hokusai, known for his 36 Views of Mount Fuji, spent much of his life in Ryogoku with his third daughter, Oei (Katsushika Oui). I guess that’s where they took the name from, but it’s kind of nice and tasteful.

Although there is no open air, the bathrooms are fully equipped with almost all kind of bathes.

Now that we had a meal, we went to the baths.

At Edoyu, each floor has a different concept.
A souvenir shop is on the first floor, a men’s bath on the second floor, a men’s and women’s shared space such as a restaurant on the third floor, a women’s bath on the fourth floor, and a bedrock bath on the fifth floor.

The changing room is clean as a whole, maybe because it was just renewed.

If so, I think the bathroom is also clean. When I entered, I found a sight that did not betray my expectations.
At a glance, the inside of the bathroom is beautiful, and there are a jet bath, a medicine bath, a reclining hot water, a carbonated hot water.

A medicinal bath (from an Edoyu official website)

First of all, I try to take a bath in the medicinal water, and it has a strange smell.
The color of the hot water is cloudy white, and it seems to be effective for joint pains, back pains, stiff shoulders, neuralgia, frostbite, sensitivity to cold, etc.

Although a reclining bath and a medicinal bath are introduced as an open-air bath, but there is not an open-air bath in the men’s bath.
There is a gap in the ceiling, but this will be different.

The jet bath is strong and comfortable because it is called a super jet bath.
On the other hand, the carbonated spring is not so dense, and hair is floating and cannot be recommended.

A jet bath (from the HP of an Edoyu bathhouse)

There is a partition in the washroom, so you can scrub your hair without worrying about your surroundings.
However, the foot partitions are non-slip, so the hair remains unshed.
A young lady staff was cleaning the room, but she didn’t seem to notice about it.
The hotel has a full range of amenities, and you are free to take your own toothbrushes etc. It’s also good.

There was also a shower called a bucket shower, which was designed to let the water fall down.
Although there is not quite what exceeds Yukaisokai of Chigasaki, this is interesting.

Since there is no water temperature indication.
When I saw it for the first time, I did not think about it, but it is inconvenient without it.

Sauna TV is not popular! The rock baths by appointment were surprisingly good.

Now, I took a dip in the sauna this time.

Finland Sauna (from the Edoyu website)

This place is small, but they have sauna seats and it’s very clean and nice.
However, the TV is in the way and it’s hard to concentrate. Don’t you need a TV in the sauna, do you?
It’s not very popular with other reviewers.

Google Reviews
Google Reviews
The clerk is clean-eyed and It’s clean inside and if you get a discount on the slightly more expensive ones, I’m not complaining, but what’s the point of having a TV in the sauna?
Why would they put a TV that brings everyday life into an unusual sauna? It’s really not that sophisticated. Go to a place called “The Holy Land of Sauna”. There’s no point in putting both televisions in the sauna. I think it’s a great idea to put healing videos on, though.
Google Reviews
Google Reviews
The main sauna is a little narrower and has a sauna mat. As others have written, do we need a TV in the sauna? It was so annoying and annoying that I couldn’t concentrate, and there were people camped in front of the entrance even though it was empty. (Not a place to sit, on the snorkels, not avoiding going in and out…)
I said “hmmm… “

The water bath was 18°C. It is too cold for a beginner. One day, I want to be able to put in it.
I tried two sets, but it was not ready.

Now, the next is the bedrock bath.

The entrance of the bedrock bath.

On holidays, the bedrock bath is by appointment only (on weekdays there is no time limit).I shouldn’t come on weekends, I thought, but 40 minutes was actually enough for me.
There are two types of rock baths available, hot and lukewarm, which are also decided at the time of booking. (There are actually three types, but the third costs an extra 1000 yen.)

This time I chose the warm one.

White silicebox (from the website of Edoyu official website)

This place has a hard floor, and I’d really prefer stone and rock salt, but, well, I can’t help it.

Originally, I think they should have prepared a rag at the entrance of the bedrock bath and made it free for us to use. It’s too much trouble to wander around the building with a mattress.
I wish they would take a lesson from Raku Spa Tsurumi.

I thought it was an odd system to have a reservation, but the staff will interrupt the cleaning every hour. I think it’s a good idea.
I was always worried about other people’s sweat because I was also left on the hard floor, such as Sayanoyu, but this place was always It’s beautiful.
I like that the bedrock baths are good for detoxification and sweating, and it’s a different way to enjoy a hot bath. Right?

As it turns out, I was right to choose the lukewarm one. I tried to get in for 40 minutes, but I was at the limit! It’s been a long time since I’ve been sweating and drinking water like that. This is good.

The water was free to drink as much as I could. The water was charged at Raku Spa, so I tried to drink it to see what it was like, but it was very smooth and smooth. But I still couldn’t taste it…I couldn’t tell!

Hydrogen water service. I didn’t get a taste for it, but it’s interesting.

When you leave the bedrock bath and walk around in a dizzy state, you have to be careful because there are quite a few steps on the floor. I would have liked this to be a slouch or something.

I thought it was out of order not to have a plastic bag ready.
It’s as if they recommend hanging wet hand towels in your locker. It’s nonsense in terms of appearance. It’s better to improve it ASAP.

I’d rather have a bath than a coworking space.

There is a coworking space called YU WORK, and they want us to work there.
It seems to be popular these days to put a coworking space in the bathroom, but still I’m not sure of the concept. I want this to be allocated to a normal bath space….

A view of the hot water WORK. It is remodeling an actual bath.

As for the resting place, there is a tatami room and a reclining chair resting place in addition to this one, so it’s quite substantial. You can relax after your bath.

I know it’s a difficult proposition, but there are a lot of shops around, how about some kind of facial recognition to get in and out?
I think it will be even more exciting with the surrounding towns. Besides, I’m sure Edoyu’s financial resources can do it!


It was like a good mix of LaQua and Thermaa Spa. Based on the good points of both, it’s pretty good in a compact way.

However, you should go here at night when you can’t see the outside. Probably, in the daytime, you’ll feel trapped.

After midnight, the number of customers comes back.
Aside from the location, there is an atmosphere here that even a young girl can spend time here without hesitation.
It’s probably because each floor is divided into men’s and women’s sections.

The coffee was quite a good price at 170 yen.

The overall impression of this place is that it’s expensive, but I felt it was worth the price.

The resting place.


Bath House Infomation

House Name
Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu
Review Rate
Traffic Access
zip 130-0014
1-5-8 Kamesawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours
Weekday adult rates
2,750 館内着歯ブラシタオル岩盤浴
Holiday adult rates
2,750 館内着歯ブラシタオル岩盤浴
Rates Memo
Late-night rate: 340 yen per hour
from Bath House
A relaxation spa for beautiful people.
A relaxation spa that liberates the body and mind.

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OnSiteRpt. Ryogoku Yuya Edoyu | The food is delicious. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. Newly renovated, clean bathrooms, good impression.

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