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OnSiteRpt. Therma-yu|Oasis of the city 2405 yen. Feel the heart of hospitality. I was surprised at the snoring-only room.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_entrance

What, you put it here? Yes, such a place is Shinjuku Kabukicho. ”Natural hot spring Therma-yu” .I’ve been wondering about it for a while, but the basic admission fee of 2,405 yen is too high!So I took the plunge and went there as a reward for my hard work this month. And I love it so much! The “Shindai no Yu” transported from Naka-Izu, highly concentrated carbonated water, a bar and an authentic restaurant, it was a facility to feel the spirit of Japanese hospitality, and the high price was satisfactory.

Natural Hot Spring Thermah Hot Spring _ Karankoron Ethnic Izakaya Veggie & Noodle

The hot spring in Shinjuku, where tattoos are not allowed

Therma-yu is a 10-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station, near the golden district of Kabukicho. Though I knew the general positional relationship, I got a little lost. There is no signage and it is surrounded by buildings, so we walked through similar scenery. If you don’t have a land registry, you might want to check the map before you go.

There is a large sign at the entrance that says no tattoos allowed. There are a lot of hot springs where it is indicated that tattoos are not allowed, but this one has a big signboard. Is there a scary person in Kabukicho? I thought so, but it doesn’t seem to be that way (laughs).

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_locker key

When you go inside, a staff will kindly show you around. Keep your own key of the shoe locker. At the reception, I received an explanation, a wristband, and an indoor uniform. The price includes the cost of a bathing suit and a towel. It is 2,364 yen on weekdays, but 324 yen will be added on holidays. It’s 2,688 yen today at the holiday rate. It’s not cheap.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Restaurant

This time a staff was also checked for tattoos.The tattoo inspection is thorough.

The city is full of foreigners in Shinjuku. I thought there might be a lot of foreigners here as well, but unexpectedly, there were not many. Well, I don’t think there are many foreigners who seek hot springs in Shinjuku. If you want to go to a hot spring, you might go to Nagano or Gunma. The clientele of “Therma-yu” is mainly salarymen, women’s parties and madams, and compared to other hot springs, there are almost no elderly people. I didn’t feel that there were too many people there, partly because the facility is large.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Changing room

A space for adults.

The inside is as clean as a hotel, with a lobby and changing rooms on the first floor, a hot spring on the second floor, and other facilities on the second to fourth floors of the basement. Is it a resort hot spring rather than a day trip? There are healing lounges on every floor except the second floor, and you can adjust the backrest and foot angle at the touch of a button. There are also other couch-type ones, where you can lie on the couch like a house and watch the TVs that come with each one. You can watch TV, but you need earphones as a consideration for other customers. It’s not like everyone is watching the same show.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Lounge

Massage rooms are also available. There were foot care, body massage, and Thai style. It’s expensive, but it’s good if you’re feeling tired.

One of the major differences from the other hot springs is that they don’t have cartoons. Basically, the lounge is dimly lit and only has magazines. You must be 18 years old or older to enter the museum, so it is a space for adults.

There’s even a room dedicated to snoring.

There’s a room in the locker room called “Ibiking”. The lounge is dedicated to people who are concerned about snoring. Vending machines also sell snore-reducing tape, eye masks and earplugs. There is a lot of consideration for women, but the men’s version is often simple. I was impressed by the attention to detail that was given to the needs of users who wanted to doze off but couldn’t fall asleep because they thought their snoring would be a nuisance.

Natural Hot Spring Therma-yu_Drink Bar

If I lost my wristband, I’d be in big trouble.

You can pay for everything in the building with a wristband handed to you at reception. You pay later. Other spa facilities also have a wristband payment system, but vending machines often require cash.Here, you can also pay off the vending machine with a touch of your wristband. However, I didn’t notice it because I don’t smoke, but it seems that only cigarettes are paid in cash.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Vending machine

There is no locker room or locker key, as the wristband is the key. Lockers are designated, but there are also lockers with a separate password, so people with a lot of luggage can rest easy.

Thorough hospitality

It goes up to the second floor to the men’s bath. On the way, I passed a cleaning lady. She politely stopped and lowered her head to say, “Please take your time and relax.” The polite service is more pleasant than a hot spring, isn’t it? I think this is the quintessence of the Japanese style of hospitality.

Hot water of Shindai (From Telmar hot water HP)

The changing rooms are a little narrow.It seems a little cramped when it is crowded. I brought a towel because I only got a bath towel at the reception, but it was stacked flat in the changing room. You can use all the towels you want!

There was also a shaver, a toothbrush,. I’m glad there’s even a scrubbing. There are also baskets to put used items in, so are they disinfected and reused? Those who are fastidious enough to be concerned about the fact that it’s not disposable may be hesitant to use it.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_entrance

Indoor bath that doesn’t fog up your glasses

I have bad eyesight, so I wear glasses when I go to a hot spring for the first time to enjoy the interior. Normally, the moment I open the door, the lens becomes cloudy and my vision becomes pure white, but the indoor bath here was not cloudy at all. It doesn’t fog up even when I’m soaking in a hot tub. I think there is a reason that the temperature of the bathtub is a little lukewarm, the window is open at all,and air conditioning is probably firm.

Hot water with highly concentrated carbonated water is the most popular.

The centerpiece of the indoor hot spring is the highly concentrated carbonated water of the large bath, which is about 38 degrees Celsius and a little lukewarm, but it seems to be set at this temperature to maintain the carbonated concentration. It is one of the largest in Kanto, so it is large enough to accommodate 30 people. The depth is shallow. However, it is boring in the bathtub that is only square even though it is this wide. It would have been nice if it had been made so that you could lie down a little bit, I thought.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_In-house hot water(From the official site)

The other is a bath of silk water and white water. This one is hot. Everyone goes to the carbonated water, so this tub is less crowded. In a way, it’s relaxing. There are three types of jetted baths, but they felt a little weak compared to the other hot springs. It’s rare to find a sleeping bath with a jet function.

High temperature sauna and steam sauna

The sauna has a hot sauna and a steam sauna. The high temperature sauna has a high setting of 97℃. It was spacious and clean inside. The steam sauna is in the latter half of 50 degrees Celsius, and it is like a salt steam sauna with salt always available.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Sauna(From the official site)

There was also a lemongrass aroma, but I didn’t smell much. Speaking of salt saunas,this one had a shower on each chair. It washes off easily and is very clean. The chairs are slightly separated and seem to hold eight people. There is a place for glasses outside each sauna, which is a nice touch for glasses.

Transported natural hot springs?

There is a “Shindai no yu” that the outside hot water is conveyed every day from Naka-Izu. It’s being transported and it’s natural? Isn’t that a little strange? But let’s not say anything hard about it (laughs).

There is an open-air bath and a lie-down bath, and the lie-down bath seems to be the free-flowing hot water of “Shindai no Yu”. The hot water was odorless and transparent, and the hot water felt soft.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Nekorobi yu(From the official site)

I’m not sure if they’re saving hot water volume because they have to transport it, but it felt a little dirty. It didn’t feel like it was being circulated too much, and there was some kind of garbage-like grime floating above the hot water. The temperature is lukewarm.

It may not be because of this, but despite the fact that the bath is called “our pride and joy”, not many customers were taking it, and most of them were taking a carbonated bath. No matter how much they brag about it, the borrowed nature they’re transporting is hard to satisfy. However, the mural in the outer bath was very beautiful. The mosaic art of Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms felt like a fusion of good old Tokyo’s downtown public baths and the latest hot springs.

Therma-yu natural hot spring _ Bedrock bath(From the official site)

We didn’t try the rock bath (810 yen) this time, but we would like to go there next time.

What about the food, Japanese or ethnic?

After the bath, go down to the basement level and you’ll find two different restaurants. It is a Japanese style izakaya with ethnic food from Asian countries. There is a menu and food samples at the entrance so it is easy to choose.

Natural hot spring Thelma-yu_Menu

I chose the Japanese style izakaya because I wanted to eat something in season and lost about 5 minutes. The inside is spacious and the seating space is wide and spacious. The chopsticks were covered with cloths, and I felt the hospitality of a Japanese restaurant. However, I think it depends on the person, but the clerk in charge felt a little unfriendly.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Restaurant entrance

Spring Tempura Gozen, 1,480 yen

We ordered a set meal packed with seasonal ingredients such as spring colored tempura, first bonito tataki, and rice cooked with cherry prawns and wild vegetables. It’s delicious, but the bonito isn’t particularly fresh, and the tempura isn’t freshly fried. The food was not very good, so I would give it 2 stars at most. The variety of tempura was good. Well, it’s worth the price.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Tempura set meal

The taste is about a star 3, but it’s a minus 1 star because of the disappointment (lol). It may not be enough for those who prefer a darker taste, but I think it’s just right for enjoying the taste of the season. The menu is extensive, with sweet treats, drinks and alcohol on offer. There’s also a bar on the second basement level, where you can enjoy beer and cocktails.


It is a good hot spring if you can stay for a long time.

Natural hot spring Therma-yu_Japanese restaurant

In May, for example, there are many seasonal events such as iris baths. There is an “event calendar” posted inside, and when you look at it, it looks like there is something going on every day. There seems to be a lot to enjoy besides the hot water, and after all, the entrance fee is high, so we have to enjoy eating, drinking, playing, and doing various things for a long time in terms of a cospa! (Laughs)


Bath House Infomation

House Name
Review Rate
Traffic Access
zip 160-0021
1-1-2 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours
11 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Weekday adult rates
2,405yen 館内着歯ブラシタオル
Holiday adult rates
3,285yen 館内着歯ブラシタオル
Rates Memo
Late night and early morning charges are available. Up to 2,700 yen. (Please check the official website for details.)
from Bath House

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OnSiteRpt. Therma-yu|Oasis of the city 2405 yen. Feel the heart of hospitality. I was surprised at the snoring-only room.

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