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OnSiteRpt. Itabashi Maeno Saya no yu | It is the symbol of Tokyo Onsen. You can enjoy a healing space for adults.


You can’t miss this place for a day trip.
A super famous day trip hot spring in Tokyo that everyone goes to at least once.

I don’t need any more explanation, but if I had to write it down, I’d say its appearance.
This hot spring, which was built in an old house in Hachioji, is somehow relaxing.
The view of the garden from the restaurant is soothing and makes you feel as if you have come to a distant hot spring resort.
The open-air baths are so full of greenery that you’ll forget that this is Tokyo.
It’s a popular hot spring, so it’s always bustling.

It’s late in the day, but let’s get going.

By Saya no yu


An 8-minute walk from the nearest Shimura-Sakaue Station, and one of the largest parking lots in Tokyo, so you can drive.

Oh yes, this is such a nice place, but the prices are reasonable.
Weekdays are 870 yen for adults, and Saturdays and Sundays are 1,100 yen for adults.

It’s an 8 minute walk from the nearest station.
To make up for it, the complete parking is great.
Free all day on weekdays, free up to 5 hours on holidays (100 yen/ 60 minutes after that)
It’s a great deal on weekdays…is it really only 870 yen!?

The shoe box needs 100 yen. And that key will be the locker key. I don’t really like this method because it’s troublesome.

There is a congestion schedule on the official website, so you can avoid the congestion and take your time.

With all these amenities, it’s impossible not to be crowded!
But don’t worry, the hot spring here has a schedule of congestion according to the day of the week, in addition it’s a great thing that it shows real time congestion status!

It’s a very simple page, but it would be nice to have it.

On weekdays and Saturdays, the best time to visit is around 10 a.m. immediately after opening.
It’s very crowded from past noon to evening on Saturdays and Sundays.
After 22:00, the crowds began to dissipate.

Add to this a real time situation and it’s certainly the strongest!
Thank you, Saya-no-Yu-Dokoro, the person in charge of the web!

The indoor hot spring is good, but after all, the source of the natural hot spring with a little heat is the best!

The indoor hot spring is a high-concentration carbonic acid spring, a standing hot spring , a sleeping hot spring, a sitting hot spring, and the lineup of conviction.
The well water is smooth to the touch, so the water is colorless and clear.

There are two types of saunas: dry sauna and steam sauna.
The steam sauna is a medicinal salt sauna, and you can massage with salt and enjoy the aroma of Chinese herbs.
The detox effect and beautiful skin effect make your skin smooth! Don’t forget to rehydrate before you sweat…

The open-air bath has a natural hot spring, a lying down bath, and a tsubo bath.
The pale green water has a high salt content, so it is difficult for me to cool down and leaves a feeling of warmth.
Lighting is also exquisite in the bath like an authentic hot spring” ryokan “with a lot of greenery.
Anyway, it’s a great atmosphere and must go at least once!

For a meal, we recommend “TOWARI SOBA” while enjoying an authentic Japanese garden.

Freshly ground, beaten and boiled buckwheat noodles made with domestic buckwheat flour.
Seiro is available from 650 yen and the hearty Seirokatsu-don (pork cutlet bowl) is only 1,430 yen

It’s not cheap, but it’s decent to eat.

However, the garden and its appearance are like a kind of restaurant.

The menu consists mainly of Japanese dishes such as soba, tempura and sashimi.
They also have set menus and children’s menus.

If you want to start off with a cold beer after a bath,there’s a speedy menu of hiyayakko, wasabi and pickles.
It is a very well thought out menu.

However, this garden and its appearance is a moss garden with a dry landscape garden… a bit like a traditional Japanese restaurant.
Although the garden that floats in the lighting at night is great too!
I would like to see the garden in the daytime as well.

The lounging area is large enough and has an area for only women

It’s a quiet space in the back of the building.
There is a fold-out mattress on the tatami mat, so you can sit and read as a sofa, or it’s also a good space to spread out and lie down.
There are also benches and sofas in the lobby, so you can take a break either way.
The hotel also has free wifi, which is really helpful.

Anyway, the garden is amazing. I want to go there in the daytime.

This is a war zone in the city! Here’s the strong one to win it all!
“Saya no Yu.

Saya no Yu, located in a fierce battleground in Tokyo
In Itabashi Ward, there is the Itabashi natural hot spring “SPADIO”.
I went to Tokyo Somei Onsen “SAKURA” .
The “Times Spa Resta” in Ikebukuro
In the Saitama area, just across the Arakawa River,
Natural Hot Spring ” Shichifuku no Yu “Toda Store, Natural Toda Hot Spring “Saika no Yu”,”Spa Royal Kawaguchi”.

We compared it with the bathing facilities in the neighborhood.

ITABASHI natural hot spring “SPADIO”.
Sky Jacuzzi (natural hot spring open-air Jacuzzi) is famous.
The entrance is atrium, which makes it difficult to believe it is in the city.
The building looks like a public facility, so there’s no atmosphere.
However, even on weekdays, the price is high at 2,200 yen, and the end time is early, so I don’t think it’s worth going out of your way to choose one.

Tokyo Somei Onsen “SAKURA”.
Natural hot spring in Sugamo, the birthplace of Someiyoshino cherry blossoms.
We are happy with the stylish style and detailed service that resembles a Japanese style ryokan.
However, the entire building, including the bath, is compact in design.
The price is 1,296 yen per weekday, and the satisfaction level is high.
Nevertheless, it is no match for the weekday 890 yen of “Saya no yu”.

Times Spa Resta.
It’s like a luxury hotel! The ultimate relaxation space for adults.
A spa facility for adults in front of Sunshine City in the city center.
It’s just like a luxury spa in a hotel.
If you use speed (100 minutes or less), the price is only 2,100 yen on weekdays.
The amenities are also of high quality. The Dyson dryer is also the latest model. If you like a modern, inorganic feel rather than a sense of style, this might be a good place for you.
But it looks like it could be anywhere in the world. It’s not a hot spring to begin with, and it doesn’t have any atmosphere.

From here…as you would expect from Saitama, the size of the building is much larger.

Natural Hot Spring – Sichifuku no yu – Toda
It is far from the station, so a bus is required. At 870 yen on weekdays, the price is comparable.
In addition to 11 different types of baths, you can also enjoy the Chimzylvan Spa, the first full-fledged bedrock facility in the Kanto region. Both the open-air and indoor baths are spacious and rich in variety. Especially, the open-air bath has a taste and the arrangement of the bathtub is exquisite!
However, the interior of the building is not so elegant as a super public bath.

Natural Toda Hot Spring Saika no Yu
A natural hot spring right in the center of the city, you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing “moment” in the open-air bath. It is far from the station, so free shuttle bus is required.
The building has a calm Japanese style structure that makes you feel like you’ve come to a local onsen ryokan.
Even on weekdays, the price is 1,100 yen, which is very expensive for Saitama. It’s nice to have a natural hot spring and ice service once an hour. The facilities are a little old, which is a drawback.

Natural hot spring Spa Royal Kawaguchi
It is far from the station, so a bus is required. At 870 yen on weekdays, the price is comparable.
An oasis in the center of the city where you can relax all day long. The hotel is a modern Asian hotel with a tropical Balinese image and the warmth of wood. There is an Asian cafe and it is good for enjoying the exotic atmosphere. You can’t taste the “wabi-sabi”.

All of these places have their advantages and disadvantages, but they are close to the city, and you can enjoy the wabi/sabi while looking at the garden with the dry landscape, and the price is reasonable, so if you want to enjoy the healing and adult space, Saya no Yu is the best at the moment!

One free bedrock bath for collecting a visitor stamp! Sometimes it’s the bad manners!

The best! I told you it was the best.
This is a “dry” word-of-mouth report, so I’ll be sure to tell you what’s bothering you.

If you accumulate 10 points for each visit, you will get one free.
We also went to the “Bedrock Hall” on the second floor.

It’s divided into spring, summer, fall and winter.

Saya no Yu_Basic rock bath (from the official website)

In the spring, there is a mattress with “chilly temperatures” and a snooze space where you can take a nap.
In summer and autumn, the rock bathing space is high in temperature and you can sweat a lot.
In winter, it is a space where you can cool down in a “cool temperature”.

In summer and autumn, the bottom of the bedrock is hard, and if it was a rock salt type like Luxpa Tsurumi, it would be nice to lay down a towel and sleep with it sinking in nicely.
I suppose spending a long time on a hard rock must be a painful discipline for people with back pain.

What bothered me more than that was the poor manners.

I really wish they wouldn’t be using your cell phone inside a rock bath!
I’ve tried to tell the staff to be careful, but…
There is a notice to not use it, but if they are using it, I have to say that it’s low class.
If so, it may be difficult to improve it.

Also, speaking of things that bother me…the mist sauna.
I’m not convinced that it ends 30 minutes early.

Each person has a different time to get ready to go home, so I want them to use it until the very last minute!

But overall, I’m very happy that they didn’t do anything rude like play “Hotaru no hikari” to urge us to leave the museum, but rather, they took care to remove our voices one by one!


The fact that it is an authentic hot spring in the city is not a falsehood.
Buildings and furnishings with a sense of history.
Neatly landscaped Japanese garden.
The baths are well cleaned and you can spend a good time there.
Shampoo and conditioner and body soap are also available.
There are also towel rentals and indoor clothes, so you can go there as soon as you feel like it.

But be warned, you can’t go empty-handed! You must bring a woman’s seven tools!
When you arrive at home, your skin will be shiny and smooth.

Bath House Infomation

House Name
Review Rate
Traffic Access
zip 174-0063
3-41-1 , Maenocho,Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

Business Hours
10:00 – 25:00
Open all year round
Weekday adult rates
Holiday adult rates
Rates Memo
from Bath House
A place where you can be in Tokyo but forget about being in Tokyo.
Exhale a deep breath from the bottom of my heart, forget about everyday life,
Please spend a relaxing and gentle time.
I’m sure you’ll find what you forgot.

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OnSiteRpt. Itabashi Maeno Saya no yu | It is the symbol of Tokyo Onsen. You can enjoy a healing space for adults.

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